Portsmouth & Southsea Cricket Club Under 13A squad


Points System for U13a

Note batters retire at 35* and can not return unless their retirement would close the innings.

a. The team winning a match shall receive 10 points. In a tie (both teams scoring the

same number of runs irrespective of wickets lost) each team shall receive 5 points. In a no result match or one cancelled through weather conditions or other special circumstances approved by the committee, no points will be awarded.

b. Batting bonus points will be awarded as follows. One point will be gained for reaching 50 runs and one more point thereafter for each further 20 runs to a maximum of 6 points i.e. runs over 150 do not attract any more bonus points.

i. For a team batting second and winning, an additional point, up to a maximum of six

batting points, for every two wickets in hand at the close.

ii. For a team batting second and winning with a score of less than 50 runs, one

additional point.

c. Bowling bonus points as follows. One point for every two wickets taken. But in the

event of the batting side having less than eleven and players being all out, the maximum of 5 points will be awarded.

d. In a match interrupted by rain or light in the second innings, the result will be calculated on average of run rate as follows. If the team batting first is bowled out in under 20 overs, the average run rate will still be calculated on 20 overs. The team batting second must bat a minimum of 10 overs.

Under 13A

Coach : Sean Kanavan

Playing Role:  Batsmen

Batting Style: Right-hand bat

Bowling Style: Right arm slow

James Curwood

Hampshire RPC (South East) U13 squad 2018/2019. U12 squad 2017/2018.

Winner- Most runs U13s 2018

Harrison Etherington

Playing Role:  Bowler

Batting Style: Right-hand bat

Bowling Style: Right arm spin 

Hampshire (South East RPC) U13 Squad 2018/2019. U12 Squad 2017/2018. U11 Squad 2016/2017 U10 Squad 2015/2016 U9 Squad 2014/2015
Winner - Most Wickets for U11s 2016 and 2017.                Winner - Most Wickets for U13s 2018

Finlay Hoddle
Hampshire RPC (South East) - U12 Squad 2017/2018.
Jack Nay

Hampshire (South East RPC) - U12/U11 Squad 2016/2017, U10 Squad 2015/2016

Hampshire County Squad - U13 2018/2019. U12 Squad 2017/2018.

Winner - Player of the season U11A 2017

Ryan Nay

Hampshire (South East RPC) - U12 Squad 2018/2019. U11 Squad 2017/2018. U10 Squad 2016/2017, U9 Squad 2015/2016

Winner - Most runs U11A 2017 & 2018.

Talitha Stanley

Hampshire RPC (South East girls) U13 squad 2018/2019. U11 Squad 2017/2018.


Winner - U11A Managers/Coaches award 2018

Thomas Wheeler

Hampshire (South East RPC) U13 squad 2018/2019. U12 Squad  2017/2018. U11 Squad 2016/2017, U10 squad 2015/2016

Winner - Most runs for U11s 2016

Winner - Managers/coaches award for U13s 2018

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